Toybnshtile – Een nieuwe productie van Lucette van den Berg

AMSTERDAM - On June 10, 2020, Lucette van den Berg will release her new song "Toybnshtile" (en: Hushed-doves) on all streaming media.  


And suddenly it is quiet.

The city is silenced, the roads are empty, no more people on the street.

And better you hear the rustle of the wind and the cooing of the pigeons.

'Toybnshtile' is a song about longing for contact and touch. And about the confrontation with yourself when everything stops.

How well this fit with the time we are all going through now. Because everything has come to an halt, you can find yourself or lose yourself. It brings you back to the essence: love for each other and attention for the delicate and fragile.

Let this time be a good time and marvel at the beautiful song of the birds


Lucette was inspired for this new composition by the Yiddish poem by Mani Leyb. The song was produced by Lucette. The vocals, choir and all instruments were performed by Lucette. Together with her son Lucas, she has made a video clip that can be seen on Lucette's YouTube channel.


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