Lucette van den Berg

Dutch / Amsterdam


Lucette van den Berg is one of the leading voices of the new generation of Yiddish singers. She has performed in theaters, concert halls and festivals in Europe and North America.

Classical Education

Already at a young age she knew that music would become her life.
Already at the age of 18 she started her studies in classical singing at the conservatory of Zwolle and later Amsterdam, won a second place at the Euregio Vocalisten Concours and specialized in song recitals and oratorios, while in her study, for her own pleasure, yiddish songs began to sing.

But along the way Lucette discovered that classical music did not give her the space to her creative, creative side.

Yiddish soul

Perhaps one of the most important events in Lucette's musical life is the encounter and friendship with the famous Yiddish composer / writer Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, which made her aware of her Jewish 'roots'.
Van den Berg stayed with Beyle in New York for a long time and received previously unpublished songs from her.
Lucette arranged them and released them on the CD "Friling" (for this she received a third prize JPF Song Award 2009, USA).
The choice for the Yiddish song was finally made.

Singer-Song writer

Lucette developed in his own unique way in the Yiddish repertoire. Searching for her voice, her strength, her background and her own interpretation of the Yiddish song.
In this way, she developed her own unique style, which is a cross between small art and "art-song", with texts that appeal to her.
In the course of time have already had several composers, such as Alan Bern (Brave Old World), Mikhoel Felsenbaum written a new Yiddish repertoire.

Artistic director

She not only wants to show Yiddish music in all its splendor, but also to develop it further.
That is why she is the initiator and artistic director of the Yiddish Waves Festival, which took place for the first time in 2008.


Lucette is a striking performer, with an exceptionally warm and expressive voice with its own unique sound. Her unique repertoire includes new material that composers such as, among others, have. Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, Alan Bern (Brave Old World) and poet / composer Mikhoel Felsenbaum, but nowadays mainly Yiddish compositions of her own.

What does the press say about Lucette?

"Lucette regards the fascinating world of sounds of the Yiddish song as her" roots ", and certainly possesses the talent to transport and delight the listener. Ever since the first song "Friling", she has kept the audience under the spell of her musical enchantment. "

"The power of her performance school, however, mainly lived through in music, the intense interaction with her audience"
Jos van der Wulp, Zwolse Courant

"Voice and violin enter into a covenant that gives you goose bumps."
"Just by humming, she brings the room to rapture."
Dick Laning, De Stentor

"What a beautiful voice she has ...".
Jacques Klöters, De Sandwich

"The singer brings the songs with respect for the lyrics, modest, dreamy and skilled."
"The Netherlands has another good Yiddish singer with whom we hope to hear a lot."
Jan Waas, NIW

"Every song was a personal document, fragile, atmospheric, and breathtaking."
Dick Laning

What a joy! Your interpretation of my songs, with that great voice are a real excellent combination’
Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman

‘Warm and expressive tempered her voice and her economical gestures, which in cooperation with her guitarists had a captivating effect, which impressed everyone present.’
Ahauser Zeitung

Lucette van den Berg

Yiddish diva, singer-song writer, worldmusic, folk, female vocalist



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