YWM recordings was established as part of the Yiddish Waves foundation.

For more information about the Yiddish Waves foundation see https://yiddishwaves.nl/


With this label we want to develop and market music productions apart from the Yiddish Waves Festival and the name Yiddish Waves. YWM recordings have been set up within Yiddish Waves as a revolving Fund. This means that we can pre-finance activities for artists with risk. Once the money has been received back, it can be used for new activities. The activities of YWM recordings are:

Platform for performances
YWM recordings can act as a booking agent for artists to theaters, concert halls and other occasions or YWM recordings programs programs in halls themselves and then takes the full risk of ticket sales. YWM recordings promotes these performances through various channels. By investing a lot of our own (unpaid) time in this, we can keep the costs for management, marketing & promotion, ticketing, distribution low or to zero. This means more revenue for the artist and lower ticket prices for the visitor.

A web store for tickets and CDs DVDs
Thanks to the WordPress community we can manage a small-scale web store at low costs. We can issue simple tickets ourselves and use the secure method for making payments Mollie payments. If you purchase something from us, you create an account so that you can easily download your tickets again later and view all your orders. All payments are on the account of the Yiddish Waves foundation and are only paid to the artist after the performance or delivery of the CD.

Publishing and distributing CDs and DVDs
A physical CD or DVD and the digital version is important for an artist. YWM recordings is an independent label that strives to get as much of the income from sales and other rights as possible to the artist. YWM recordings do not aim for profit or income from these activities.


2019-2020: Building up YWM recordings! We have just started and we want to make a success of our current artists before we want to think about an expansion.