Lucette van den Berg 6 November, 2019

1: Ikh Shtey In Der Mitogtsayt – Rokhl Korn
.. The piano intro of Alan takes you deep into this song about a woman in the mid of her life, ripe to be picked as the corn on the fields..

2: In Shpurn Fun Libshaft – Rivke Basman
...If we follow the footsteps of our love than we can climb mountains and conquer the seas and we can lose ourselves until the end of the world...

3: Afile – Rachel Fishman
...Even the clouds are not as thirsty as I am. Even the clouds are not as moist as my eyelashes. Even the rain doesn't disturb my dreams like you. Yes, I am awake...

4: Der Ershter Frilingstog – Sara Reisen
...The spring came asking about you my dear. She was surprised not to see you. I didn't know what to answer...

Vocals: Lucette van den Berg
Piano: Alan Bern
Clarinet: Christian Dawid
Accordion: Sanne Möricke

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