Zol zayn

This first single of Lucette is one of her old time favorites. It’s a song about dreaming and hoping for better times.

Zol zayn, az ikh boy in der luft mayne shleser
Zol zayn, az mayn g-t iz in gantsn nishto
In troym iz mir heler, in troym iz mir beser
In kholem der himl iz bloyer fun blo

Zol zayn, az kh’vel keynmol tsum tsil nisht derlangen.
Zol zayn, az mayn shif vet nisht kumen tsum breg.
Mir geyt nisht in dem, ikh zol hobn dergangen,
mir geyt nor in gang oyf a zunikn veg.

Maybe I’m building castles in the air
Maybe my God does not really excist
But in my dream, things are brighter and better
and the sky is bluer than blue.

Maybe I won’t attain my goal
Maybe my ship won’t reach the shore
I really don’t care about getting there
I just want to travel along a sunny road.

released April 30, 2019

Yiddish song, written by Yosef Papernikov
Arrangement, vocals and all instruments Lucette van den Berg